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Spinergy Xyclone Disc Lite 29" front wheel

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399,00 € each
Front wheel variant

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Spinergy Xyclone Lite 29" - Mtb front wheel

Spinergy’s Xyclone Lite 29" is a lightweight and incredibily fast wheel that can handle easy the most extreme conditions while delivering superior performance. Features advanced 3mm PBO spoke and the latest engineering from Spinergy to rise above the competition.

The Xyclone Lite 29" is a high performance, race ready wheel for the latest 29" bike designs. 
Developed for racers and riders alike looking for a significant advantage over other standard wheel designs. Features Spinergy’s latest ultralight 24mm disc specific rim that offers excellent roll and durability.

Xyclone Disc 29" features 24 spokes configured as 2-cross/radial laced 3mm PBO spokes. PBO spokes offer up free suspension with a design that deflects harsh hits in the terrain, smoothing out (and letting you focus on) the ride. Features Spinergy’s exclusive 15mm//QR convertible hub and Aerospace grade aluminum thru axle with strong straight-pull spoke mounting for superior strength. Front comes standard quick release or 15mm thru axle option.

Spinergy Xyclone - (last version) has been announced "The worlds best MTB wheelset" by the acknowledged MTB site www.mtbr.com scoring 99/100 points in the test. What makes this wheel stand out is the unique strength of the wheel and the patented PBO spoke technology, which optimizes the absorption of bumps and roughness, which are quite frequent during Off Road biking.

Spinergy offers you the possibility to make your own spoke-design with 8 different spoke colours to choose from. White and black spokes are standard options, while the 6 other spoke colours are custom made with an estimated delivery time of 4-6 weeks and an additional cost.

Each PBO spoke contains 30,000 PBO fibers. This technology increases the durability to simply a higher level. Each patented PBO spoke is 3-times as strong as conventional spokes, but only half the weight. The PBO spokes are flexible which leads to an effective absorption of bumps on the road, but keeping the stiffness intact. Compared to wheels with conventional spokes the PBO fiber technology provides more stiffness, comfort and speed - simply more pleasure during the ride!


Size:   29"
Spokes:    PBO round Classic spokes
Lacing front:   24 spokes - Radial/2-Cross tension
Spoke colors:   

Standard: Black or white
Custom/additional cost: Yellow, blue, red, pink, green or orange

Rim style/width/depth:   Aluminum ultra light welded seam / 19mm internal / 22mm external / 24mm depth
Braking:   International standard 6-bolt rotor mount
Front hub:   15mm thru axle
Front hub options:   QR, Lefty
Bearings:   Stainless steel
Extras:   QR skewers, rim tape and truing tool
Weight:   1.500g/wheelset
Max riderweight:   181kg/400lb