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PBO Spokes

PBO spokes

PBO Spoke Technology

Spinergy wheels with aerodynamic spokes - unabated, the same number of fibers in a sleeker aerodynamic version.

There, the same 30,000-pronged PBO fiber spokes as standard in Spinergys wheels - squeezed into a flatter shape.

Aero Bladed PBO spokes are 3 times stronger than the conventional steele spokes, but weighs half. PBO spokes gives a stiffer wheel, while reducing the shock and vibration transmitted through the frame. The result is a much faster service, less driver fatigue and a much better comfort.

The wheels are tested and approved for a rider weighing 181kg/400lb.

Aero bladed spokes is available in 8 different colors.

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We believe everyone should have the chance to make their ride great and reflect your personality!

Create a color combination to match your team/club colors, your frame colors, national flag, or just dial your wheels to match your taste.

  • black spoke zoom color 0


    Choose all black or some black

  • white spoke zoom color 0


    Choose all white or some white

  • mat grey spoke zoom color 0


    Choose all grey or some grey (Avalible for carbon whells only)

  • red spoke zoom color 0


    Choose all red or some red

  • green spoke zoom color 0


    Choose all green or some green

  • orange spoke zoom color 0


    Choose all orange or some orange

  • blue spoke zoom color 0


    Choose all blue or some blue

  • orange spoke zoom color 0


    Choose all yellow or some yellow

  • orange spoke zoom color 0


    Choose all pink or some pink