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Technics FAQs

01 - ? Why is my freehub body dragging?
! For hubs that developed this problem over time, the axle or sleeve is simply worn down. To fix this, replace axle or sleeve to restore freehub body clearance. This is a normal long term wear pattern that can be accelerated by loose end caps, dirt contamination or heavier riders. To clean hub internals, undo both end caps and remove freehub body. Thoroughly clean all visible areas as well as the freehub itself. Once cleaned, apply a small amount of medium weight oil to the pawls on the freehub body (they are on the back of the freehub, held in by the spring). Next, apply a light oil to the internals of the hubshell. Finally, put the wheel back together and torque BOTH end caps to 100 in-lbs.


02 - ? Can I get a special magnet for PBO spokes?
! When buying your magnet, specify that you need one that will fit over-sized spokes.