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Spinergy PBO Aero Blade spokes for racing is revolutionary technological news, which no other wheel manufacturer in the world can deliver. The spokes are shaped like blades in order to minimize the wind resistance, but still contains the same technology as the wellknown Spinergy PBO classic wheels (round spokes).

Each spoke still contains 30.000 PBO fibers. The PBO spokes delivers 3-times the strength of wheels with traditional spokes of stainless steel. Wheels with the new patented PBO Aero Blade spokes however win by far when it comes to aerodynamics, stiffness, comfort, rolling resistance and simply provides more pleasure to the rider. At the same time it reduces the shocks and vibrations that is send through the frame. The result is a lower rolling resistance, less rotational weight, less riding fatique and a better comfort.

Spinergy PBO Road Aero Blade wheels are build with the new generation of the Hadley hub, which is even lighter than the earlier edition. Spinergy wheels are UCI approved and used by several professional teams in USA. Spinergy Aero Blade spokes comes to all Spinergy Road wheels.

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