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Cycling Whell Sets

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Road Disc &
Cyclo Cross 

Spinergy Spareparts

Everything you need for your wheels

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Delve into the world of Spinergy

Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, and Gravel bike wheels. Fiber spoke technology in the form of PBO spokes offers unmatched comfort and superior performance.


UCI - Approved Equipment

to ensure both the safety of riders and the fairness of competition

PBO spokes in many colors

3 times stronger than the conventional steele spokes

Aero Bladed Spokes

Same strength - Same quality - Even faster...

new Hadley hub - reduced weight

CNC milled and forged aluminum hubs


We got just the right wheels for you, if you are a Cyclocross or Gravel enthusiast or are joining the ever growing ranks of riders that prefer disc brakes over rim brakes on your road bike!

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